To give a quick explanation as this is off topic compared to previous blogs. Lifeless is a novel that I am writing, this post is a short extract from the book, and is the introduction of two of the main characters. So without further ado….

The voices where getting louder now, Nathaniel was praying not to hear the creak of the first step. He did not think they would be followed this far. He furiously turned to his brother, who was caressing that flea ridden bear of his.

Nathaniel started to look around the building they were in, trying to mentally construct some sort of escape plan. Like any other home in the centre it had been sacked, the metal frame of the bed had been flipped and in disrepair and the pictures on the wall were the only evidence that this once had been home to someone. Through the smashed glass you can make out the previous owners, a family of four, smiling and laughing at the staged photo shoot. The ritual that all families were forced through, the dreaded comb and the ironing of the shirt that comes out of the draw for this one reason, that and the celebrated deaths of elder relatives. These deaths now would not even meet a crude box, or make it under ground for that matter. The faces of the family are locked in their forced fake smiles ‘say cheese’, no one wants to be at the shoot, just poor mother who relishes in the blessed family time. Now as a family they are stuck, forever to watch the destructions of their personal sanctuary, all that remains of this picturesque family remains in this broken shell. Framed for eternity, stuck in the predawn of this stink hole.

It was obvious the men downstairs where feeders, only two types of people chase children so voraciously. Feeders and the New Order; and these definitely where not New Order, the ragged clothing of these two would never be approved by Ghost, the psychotic general that has become the driving force behind the Mentis Party. The New Order dressed in identical black and white shell suits with generic utility belts holding a pure black hand gun and extendable asp. The identity of all recruits have been lost amid the sea of faceless soldiers hidden behind plain black motorbike helms, creates a sense of separation from humanity as if the men under the suits have become robotic and this uniform have become their new identity. Once citizens have been taken under the recruitment programme, they will remain in captivity, never to show their faces again, always hidden behind the tinted visor of their helm.

Feeders are rare nowadays, most of them have been wiped out in the great purge a few months back, just a few stragglers are left. Trust Toad to leave that damn bear in the midst of these two. Nathaniel knew it was a suicidal mission to retrieve it, but the bear was family and family has to be protected at all costs, even if family in this instance consists of cheap polyester and some mangy fabric. But the bear was loved and Toad would not be able to cope with the remaining materialistic memory of our previous life and the parents that came with it.

Snap it together, sentimental at a time like this!

Quickly realising they were stuck, one way in, one way out. Nathaniel was preparing for the worst, he had long given up praying, he would put his faith in the flick knife he held in his pocket long before he would attempt to reach a higher being, how could a God let the world become this broken. Faith in a blade was reasonable faith, even a boy at 15 knew this.


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